Sean Chandler with a tipped-ball pick off PJ Walker. Off the hands of Chuba Hubbard. #touchthesign

— Darin Gantt (@daringantt) August 7, 2021

“I never liked checkdowns.” – Steve Smith Sr., stating the obvious

— Bill Voth (@PanthersBill) August 6, 2021

McCaffrey tells @KristenBalboni he likes artificial turf in general (fast guys usually do), but the Panthers are easing into tonight’s practice to see how this surface responds.

— Darin Gantt (@daringantt) August 6, 2021

Panthers are in shorts and shells tonight, so it’s not a big contact practice. But the offensive linemen who were wearing the Guardian caps in practice this week are still wearing them tonight. The defensive line isn’t tonight, but many have been.

— Darin Gantt (@daringantt) August 6, 2021

Great exchange between @KristenBalboni and Panthers owner David Tepper.

Asked if Matt Rhule might make him run touch the DBO sign if he made a mistake in practice, Tepper laughed and replied: “He could try.”

— Darin Gantt (@daringantt) August 6, 2021

Shaq Thompson and Darius Clark wearing green jerseys tonight for players who are limited.

Juston Burris is wearing the shirsey and bucket hat of a man getting a veteran day off.

— Darin Gantt (@daringantt) August 6, 2021

Matt Rhule is going to get to say this is the biggest crowd he’s coached in front of again. There were 6,171 last Saturday night at Wofford. More are expected here tonight.

— Darin Gantt (@daringantt) August 6, 2021

For fans not able to make it to the stadium, Fan Fest will be broadcast LIVE on the Panthers local affiliate network with Taylor Zarzour and Steve Smith starting at 7 PM

— Carolina Panthers (@Panthers) August 6, 2021

Panthers WR Robby Anderson won’t be at tonight’s practice. He’s been excused for a family matter.

— Darin Gantt (@daringantt) August 6, 2021