What an honor to wear the same uniform that Sam Mills wore. Proud day for all of Panther Nation! #KeepPounding

— Christian McCaffrey (@CMC_22) February 11, 2022

Big S/o to Sam Mills! I know his son Coach Mills and the family are celebrating!! Well deserved! 👏🏾🎉#KeepPounding

— Tre Boston (@TreBos10) February 11, 2022

Deeply honored that I had a chance to cover Sam Mills. Can’t imagine anybody more deserving as a football player, teammate and man. He was a joy to get to know, especially as a young reporter with so much to learn. Rest well #51. https://t.co/sG2uUe9jc6

— Chris Low (@ClowESPN) February 11, 2022

Forever. Yes. Love this.

An absolute inspiration to everyone, especially ppl & their families who have had to go through cancer battles.

It’s not easy-far from it-but Sam has served & will keep serving as a shining example of what it means to #keeppounding forever and always. https://t.co/w8LRwWHh0S

— Matt McKenzie (@Matt_McKenzie1) February 11, 2022

Sam Mills will be enshrined in Canton forever. The world will always know what we have known in Charlotte. My Heart is full.

— Travis Hancock (@TBoneWFNZ) February 11, 2022

So happy for the Mills family and Panthers fans. The year long celebration of Sam Mills’ impact on the Carolina Panthers will be one fit for a Hall of Famer. #KeepPounding

— Nick Kelly (@NickKelly) February 11, 2022

Sam Mills is in Football Heaven!


— 🅿️anthers Culture (@PanthersCulture) February 11, 2022

I met Sam Mills at South End Brewery after the first game in Charlotte at then Ericsson Stadium. He was with his family but took time to acknowledge every fan who wanted to speak to him! Most of the team was there that Sunday and it was a surreal experience! #KeepPounding

— Jeff Moore (@jmooremeister) February 11, 2022

This past October, I got the amazing chance and opportunity to go to my @Panthers game vs the Eagles, and one of the things I wanted to cross off my bucket list was to see the Sam Mills statue at B of A stadium. Congrats Sam HOF FOREVER. #KeepPounding pic.twitter.com/3A3kzQ1Cp0

— Sean Stauffer (@SeanStauffer5) February 11, 2022